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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  January 13, 2015 3:59pm-4:31pm PST

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>> this is bbc world news america. >> funding of the presentation is made possible by the freeman foundation. the newman's own foundation, giving all profits to charity and pursuing the common good. koveler foundation. and, mufg. >> build a solid foundation and you can connect communities and commerce for centuries. that is the strength behind could banking relationships.
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we believe that financial partnerships should endure the test of time. what matters is that you are strong enough to support it. mufg. we build relationships that build the world. >> bbc world news america. >> this is bbc world news america from washington. funerals for those who died in the paris attacks. france honors three dead police officers. israel buries the four who were killed in a kosher supermarket. new footage emerges of the shooting at charlie hebdo. preaching a message of reconciliation, pope francis arrives in sri lanka to a warm welcome.
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welcome to our viewers on public television and around the globe. the funerals have taken place. the people killed -- taken place for the people killed in the capital. they died so that france could live in freedom. in a sign of defiance, charlie hebdo is reducing -- releasing an issue with the prophet mohammed on the cover. >> they say freedom has a price. this was the price it forced on france. three police officers killed along with 14 others in islamist attacks. for the highest price, they received the highest honor on their coffins from the head of
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state. the sacrifice was enough to move the relatives and the prime minister and president. his gentleness is a stark contrast to the way they died. >> i express my gratitude and pride. because of you, with you, france is still standing. long live the republic. long live france. >> another reminder immersed today up police courage during the attacks. the footage of the first two gunmen reveling in what they had done. the freedoms they had died for our being called on again this week by the surviving staff of charlie hebdo. they have put together the next edition of the magazine. the print run is 50 times the normal circulation.
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the cartoon for the front cover shows the prophet mohammed holding a sign that reads, i am charlie. and, the words i -- all is forgiven. the artist responsible for the drawing says there is no "but" when it comes to freedom of speech. one of the colleagues said they drew on their own grief. if we can laugh at everything, even our trauma, why should islam be excluded. >> i mean, why do people ask us french journalists to respect something inside of islam? >> i am charlie is a nationwide slogan and many of the
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magazine's defenders say it is crass. it is the principle of free speech. >> they did this before and caused problems. there are some values you do not touch. >> islam avoids using any image of the prophet mohammed and the biting satire of charlie hebdo has deepened the wound for some. several leaders have supported the right to publish. >> in france, we have a chance to be free and say what we like even at the risk of offending the prophet. freedom of religion and freedom of expression. >> in parliament, singing in
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unison for the first time in almost 100 years. they voted against strikes. new threats at home. 10,000 security forces are moving into place across the nation, as france absorbs a new sadness. freedom requires so many guns. bbc news paris. >> the people who died in the attack on the kosher supermarket in paris have been buried in jerusalem. the senior politicians joined the hundreds who came to honor the dead. benjamin netanyahu said that the victims had returned to their true homes and their lives have been cut down by hatred. our middle east journalist is there. >> not long before dawn, the bodies were brought from paris. france has the biggest jewish community in europe, with strong
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links to israel. the funerals were held in jerusalem. one of the four worked in the kosher supermarket that was attacked. the others were shopping on the eve of the sabbath. >> protect me, philipe. >> out of the condolences netanyahu said that radical islam was the enemy of israel and the whole world. the european jews who founded modern israel believe they have to rely on themselves for protection. bad times often mean more immigrants. in this country, that is seen as a transfusion of strength. mark and gary traveled from
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paris to mourn their friend. there were huge demonstrations. it was magnificent. the fact is, it looked like a party. what is going on? >> the only jews that survived world war ii were -- i think we, it is safer to be pessimistic than optimistic. >> it has sharpened fears inside many jews because of the long history of persecution in europe. all of that feeds into a founding believe of israel, that the country has to stay strong and cannot afford to let down its guard. >> the men were buried next to
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each other. israel's prime minister has been criticized for exploiting the deaths to look strong ahead of elections. in israel, when jews are killed because they are jews, the desk create political consequences, as well as personal tragedies. bbc news, jerusalem. >> remembering the men who were killed in the kosher supermarket a short time ago, i spoke with the rabbi of the national synagogue. >> rabbi, you traveled to france and you described the jewish community in france as feeling under siege. what you mean? -- what you mean? -- what do you mean?
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>> a lot of the liberties in america on saturday morning had a clear identification. s i was told that was not acceptable and we were not allowed to wear the llama for in the street -- yarmulka in the street. >> the police said we could not do it. if we wear it, it is considered incitement. >> the other french jews you spoke to, they feel the situation is getting worse? >> they felt the situation was out of control. this is a community where people told me they were afraid to have any presence on facebook because they could be tracked down and attacked. this is a community that said,
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it is not should they leave france. it is, can they get everybody out? >> we have seen the big turnout of security forces and they want to protect the jewish population . >> they should want to. a nice statement was up the french republic should not be saved on the backs of the jewish people. the french government is unable to protect the jewish people and that is the fault of the french government. the army is a nice gesture. who really believes it will be like that forever? the attacks on the jewish people need to be understood. this is not just an attack on a kosher supermarket. this is part of a series of attacks and we feel that they are going to get worse and that the situation is not going to get better. it is getting worse.
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the community that wants to stay there should be protected and we should help those who want to leave france leave safely and be a safe haven for them. during world war ii, too many countries watched as jews were murdered in europe. israel is here and has offered to welcome the jews of france. they should not be forced to flee to israel. the united states of america should step up and say, we want to welcome the juice to our country. obama made a statement by not going to the rally. he should show leadership and say, we are not going to make the mistake again and we are going to allow the jews to enter our country. >> a look around the world. the government and cameron says they have killed 143 militants who attacked near the nigerian
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border. the gun battle was the first major attack on cameroon since the militants threatened the leader in a video online earlier this month. people have been killed in eastern ukraine after a rocket hit a bus killing civilians. they blame separatists. fighting has intensified in recent weeks and has led to the cancellation of planned peace talks this week. burma possibly to has questioned the commitment to reform in a strong attack on the leaders. she said the government lacks political will to revive the constitution or to bring meaningful reform. >> after four years of court cases, the egyptian president has had his conviction overturned and found the legal procedures had not been followed
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properly in an embezzlement case. mr. mubarak was not in court. he is in detention. we report now from outside the courtroom. >> this is another legal victory for the former president. his conviction for embezzlement has been set aside. he was sentenced with his sons and convicted of embezzling funds that were allocated for the renovation of presidential palaces. in court, the ruling was announced and his supporters would you do it. they were holding posters of the president and his younger day. for now, the president has been in the banks of the nile. when asked if he would be
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released, he said, god willing. no further detail has been provided. there was a report here that suggested that the family would not try to have him released. they were concerned about providing security for him in a private residence. the way is open for mubarak to be a free man in a divided nation that is likely to provoke a reaction. >> reporting from cairo on the long series of trials for hosni mubarak. still to come on the program the head of the cdc says that he is confident the world he gets a zero cases of the ebola virus and is here to tell us how. divers have recovered the air recorder from the plane.
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the flight data recorder was found yesterday. we have the latest. >> the indonesian transport minister looks through the recovered wreckage of the crash as the news was confirmed of a second black box being retrieved . and contains vital information about the conversations twin the pilots before the crash. this is a major breakthrough for indonesia. officials have found vital parts of the wreckage that will he's together a picture of why the plane crashed. the flight data was retrieved from the date -- the java sea. both will be sent for analysis. investigators will pitch in. >> the black box will be at the laboratory and it will remain in the container until we have
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agreed on a standard procedure. >> it caused an ugly shadow on the airlines industry. ask the ministry and investigator must be open with the results on what went wrong. security, safety, and other regulations must be enhanced. >> it has been two weeks since the plane plunged into the sea, killing 162 on board. the discovery of the black boxes will be a welcome development for relatives waiting for any answers as to why the airplane crashed and will hopefully provide closure. bbc news jakarta. >> for the past few months, we have reported on the ebola virus
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in west africa. progress has been made to try to stop the spread of the disease. there is a lot of work to be done. more than 120,000 have been infected. the shifting focus is to ginny. for more on the efforts to stop the disease, i spoke to the director of the center for disease control and prevention. >> welcome back. you have said that you are confident that we can get to zero cases. a big claim. >> i am optimistic. it is far from a sure thing. one of the greatest risks is the country of guinea. as cases go down, we need to step up our level of effort. every single case needs to
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become extensive to help the person identify contacts and care for people who become ill. we are not out of the woods by a long shot. >> you were there and you have seen significant improvement in capacity. what is the hitch or the thing that could produce another flareup. >> ebola moves quickly and we have seen it emerged a new districts. the urban control of ebola is very challenging. there is a large outbreak in the district of sierra leone. there are hardly any roads. this makes it very challenging. >> if you could go back a year and advise what to do to prevent the outbreaks, what would you
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say to them? >> they need to have the system in place. prevent wherever possible. countries around africa have some of those systems. if any country in the world lacks the system, we are all at high risk. >> we are dealing with countries with systems that were effectively broken. given the context, were mistakes made? >> i do not think any organization can say they did everything right. this has been a horrific epidemic and it has surprised us. we have the possibility of getting to zero and we are
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trying to continue to intensify our action. >> this is not just this year's story. we have seen outbreaks of ebola in west africa. >> he did not hear about the outbreak of ebola in uganda because one young girl tragically died from it. we have trained the people to care and test. she was the only case of ebola. you did not hear about the big outbreak in uganda because they stopped it before. we can put into place laboratories disease, community awareness, health care control. we can stop them before they spread. >> view feel vindicated because of the spread?
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>> we wish to have no cases. it is harder to care for ebola then we recognize, especially when there is severe diarrhea and vomiting. we have put into place systems so that each is monitored for 21 days. with the system that we have done, we have as close as we can do to a closed loop system. if someone comes back with fever or flu, they are effectively isolated and transported. >> thank you for coming. >> thank you. >> a prospect of getting to zero cases of ebola. pope francis arrived for a warm welcome. the pope began by calling for reconciliation in a country that
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was 20 part by a civil war. 100,000 died and they said it was important to address the past. caroline is traveling and sent this report from the capital. >> at 20,000 feet, he knows how to work a room. high in the heavens above europe, the vladek -- the vatican press pack is traveling with him. i asked the pope what he expected from this trip. let's see, he said, and moved on. after the flight from rome, he gets a warm greeting from the new president, which promised the end to religious oppression. this is a nation that once a harmonious future after
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conflicts that ended five years ago. they are urging to confront the difficult past. >> for the sake of opening old wounds and promoting justice and unity. >> they fall for independence. a war between rebel and government forces. for many, the wounds are still raw. that is why many travel to see him for the once in a lifetime chance. >> i get to meet the pope.
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imagine that. >> under 10% here are catholic. he is the first pope to visit sri lanka in a generation. >> security is tight for every event that the pope is going to attend. there is still much trust to be rebuilt across the ethnic and religious divide. >> the pope has brought a message of hope. caroline wyatt's, bbc news. >> a very happy capital. there were 40 of them at the airport to greet the pontiff. that brings the show to a close.
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i am katty kay. thank you for watching. i will see you back here tomorrow. >> makes sense of international news at >> funding of the presentation is made possible by the freeman foundation, the newman's own foundation, giving all profits to charity. >> kovler foundation. mufg. >> we can do more when we work together.
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